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Why choose 3D Platform? Because your BIGGEST ideas should become a reality.

Coming in 2019 – Bigger More Affordable Options

We have designed this extra large format 3D printer to provide affordability – without sacrificing quality or throughput.
It uses a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) system and offers an extra large build volume of 1.4 m x 2.8 m x 700 mm.

WorkCenter 500 Series is currently the only machine on the market in the large format category to provide the option of pellet or filament extruder(s) – or both!


3DP Extruders
Unmatched Speed

3D Platform Filament Extruders are the fastest on the market. With up to 16x speed
over that of competitors, you can now push additive manufacturing to new heights.

Use a small diameter nozzle for fine layer resolutions. Use a large extruder and a large diameter nozzle for fast printing and ultra-strong parts.

  • Quick-Swap dual extruder heads deliver high quality 3D prints and are independently controlled for speed and extruded material amounts.
  • Modular design can accommodate filament sizes from 1.75mm to 6mm and nozzles sizes from 0.2mm to 5mm.
  • Flexibility to change nozzles depending upon your application and purpose. Use a small diameter nozzle for fine layer resolutions. Use large diameter nozzles for fast printing and strong parts.

Large Format 3D Printing Made Easy

3D Platform is an industrial strength large format 3D printer manufacturer. Don’t let the words industrial strength or large format scare you. In fact, printing with 3DP is easy as easy as 1 – 2- 3D! Watch our video and learn how to 3D print BIG.

Step One: Create your 3D model
Start with a 3D model either created in 3D modeling software such as a CAD program or download it from the internet. Save the model as an OBJ or an STL file. These are the file types that 3D printer processing software understands.

Step Two: Process the 3D model in 3D printing software
Once the file is imported you will need to set a few standard model modifiers such as the number of top and bottom layers, perimeters and infill. For example, start with something simple like this square box. I will import the STL, then set up our model modifiers. They include three top solid layers, three bottom solid layers, and two outside perimeters. Now let us look at infill. I want this box to be very strong so let’s set the interior fill percentage to 20 percent. I know I will not need supports for this piece but if supports are needed, they can be added by clicking the “generate support material” button here. These print settings will likely change with each print depending on the intended use of the printed part. I click “Ok” to accept the process settings and prepare to slice the model. Now we can see the model as this sliced into layers. We save the file to the SD-card in g-code format, which gives the printer step by step instructions for printing the part.

Step Three: Send the processed file to your 3DP large format 3D printer
Insert the SD-card into the card reader of the LCD panel. We need to heat the bed. Now at home all of the axes are very important that you home the axes prior to each print. Now, I select print from the SD-card and select my g-code file. The LCD screen shows the extruder temperature and the print will begin once the target temperature is reached. Watch the first few layers to make sure the print adheres to the build area and that the filament is flowing smoothly. Now let’s get started with your first large format 3D print with 3D Platform!

Buy Quality Filament

  • Consistant Shape
  • Melt Point Accuracy
  • Color Fidelity
  • Filament Purity

Select your:

  • Color
  • Material
  • Diameter

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