Product End-of-Life and End-of-Support

End-of-Life and End-of-Support Notice

3DP Unlimited LLC d/b/a 3D Platform (“3DP”) at its sole discretion will, from time to time, declare any 3DP printer (“3D Printer”) and other products (collectively referred to as “Products”) to be obsolete, or discontinue the manufacture of any products that reach the end of their sales, support, and product lifecycle (“End of Support”). 3DP will continue to actively support its Products using commercially reasonable efforts until the End-of-Support date. 3DP will stock replacement parts, and make appropriate repairs during that time.

3DP will not be obligated to provide further support once the End-of-Support date is reached, except to those customers with valid warranty or contract extensions. 3DP will maintain Products and support through the life of all contracts currently in place.

After the End-of-Support date, 3DP reserves the right to no longer manufacture or stock replacement parts and all support will be done solely on a commercially reasonable efforts basis.

If you are an owner of an active or retired 3D Printer and need support, please contact our support team via our dedicated support site by clicking on the ‘Support’ button at the top of our website or by using this link:

End of Support Listing

The End of Sale and End of Support dates have been announced for the following products:

Product FamilySKU'sEnd of SaleEnd of SupportReplacement Product
3DP1000 – Gen 13DP1000-AB2-0000-0
April 2015December 20183DP1000 – Gen 2
or Rebuild Program
3DP1000 – Gen 23DP1000-BB1-0000-0
October 2015December 20183DP1000 – Gen 3
or Rebuild Program
3DP1000 – Gen 33DP1000-BB2-PAC6615
April 2016December 2018[Classic] Workbench
or Rebuild Program
[Classic] Workbench3DP1000-BC2-0100-3April 2017May 2019WorkSeries Family
or Rebuild Program
2017 Rebuild Program3DP-UPGRADE-001-WBJuly 2017May 2019WorkSeries Family
Or 2018 Rebuild Program
WorkSeries 1003DP100-1S5A*-A**0*-000TBDTBDTBD
WorkSeries 2003DP200-2S5*2-A**0*-*00TBDTBDTBD
WorkSeries 3003DP300-2E7*2-A**0*-*00TBDTBDTBD
WorkSeries 4003DP400-3P7*2-A**0*-*00TBDTBDTBD
2018 Rebuild Program3DP-UPGRADE-002-WBP

Nothing within this notice shall supersede the standard Sales Order Terms & Conditions or the standard Warranty.