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The Roadshow

There has been a lot of media buzz since the introduction of 3D printers. As demand has increased, so has the competition to bring top performing 3D printers to market. The 3DP Roadshow offers a great opportunity for anyone interested in large format 3D printing to get up close and hands-on. This onsite partnership of sales professional, machine technician, and 3D printer help to generate enthusiasm and demonstrate the possibilities of large format additive manufacturing — making for the perfect dynamic demo.

What is the 3DP Roadshow tour?

The objective of the 3DP Roadshow van tour is to offer a more personal and hands-on educational event to anyone interested in large format 3D printing. Since the Roadshow’s inaugural launch in 2016, the tour has traversed an impressive 125,000+ miles and engaged enthusiastic crowds in over 375 demo events. These events have included OEM and educational visits, open houses, and trade shows. 3DP is proud to offer 3D printing professionals this highly valuable opportunity to see 3D printing up-close and hands-on.


3DP Workbench Printer at House of Design Robotics

Engage with customers!

After the 3DP tour van has arrived for the scheduled event, organizers and participants can expect a quick printer roll-out and 30-minute set-up. Each dynamic demo begins with a brief introduction followed by the 3D printer in action. During this informal demo, visitors are free to familiarize themselves with the Workbench 300 Series as well as examine the intricacies of HFA extruders and filament systems. Our experienced technician is available to discuss the proper steps to test, calibrate, and print, as well as options for post-processing and finishes. This informal setting allows for in-depth questions on potential uses related to 3D printing. Throughout the demo, audiences will have an opportunity to access a variety of 3D-printed samples. These props include your more traditional research and development items, comparative finishes, and also fun and engaging samples like a motorcycle gas tank, full size concept chair, tooling fixtures, and other items that function in a variety of applications.

3DPRoadshow-3D Print-Samples

“We had an awesome week of 3D printing on the 3DP Roadshow!  . . .
We featured 3D Platform’s incredible large-format 3D printer Workbench with live demos, amazing samples, and all things 3D!”

— LDI on the 3DP RoadShow (

Get on board the 3DP Roadshow!

Our technician and driver is currently making his way along highways in the USA, building a roadmap that could include your business. From small towns to large cities, our 3DP ambassador will continue to showcase our 3D printing technology, gaining momentum towards 2020. If you are interested in seeing a WorkSeries printer at your facility, please contact us at 779-771-0000, and we will connect you with a 3DP reseller partner or resource that can answer your questions. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!



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