3D Printing Tech Tips: How to Resume a Failed 3D Print

In the previous #3DPrintingTips blogs, you’ve learned How to Level the Build Area and How to Prevent Nozzle Jams Using Canola Oil. Both techniques are critical to achieving a successful print, as well as maximizing the 3DP1000’s print success rate. However, what if something happens and abruptly interrupts the printer while it’s running (tangled filament, nozzle jam, power outage), causing the 3D print to fail?

Is there any way to resume the printer from where it has stopped, and rescue the half-completed 3D print? The answer is yes.

In this blog, we will walk you through the process of using the 3DP1000 fail-safe function: Resume from Z.This great feature, available on all 3DP1000 machines, allows a print to be recovered and continues printing after certain types of failure.

Before performing this procedure, verify the bed has remained heated, and the partial print still adheres to the glass.

Step 1:

Auto home the axes.  Select “Prepare > Auto Home.”

Step 2:

Heat the extruder(s) and reload filament if necessary.

– Raise the extruder by at least 100 mm, then replace the filament;

– Manually push filament through the extruder until it comes out of the nozzle.


How to Resume a Failed 3D Print Steps

Step 3:

Use the LCD screen to manually move the extruder to set the Z-height of the failed print.

Note: Move the Z axis first to avoid a crash with the extruder. Use the 0.1 mm movement to fine tune the desired Z-height.

Step 4:

Maneuver the extruder over any printable section of your print.

Note: The X and Y axes can be moved to any position during this process. The print will resume using the previous .gcode from the location of the axis.


How to Resume a Failed 3D Print Steps 2

Step 5:

Once the nozzle is in position, select “Resume SD from Z”, then select the same .gcode to resume printing.

Note: The printer will not immediately begin printing. Allow the .gcode to process. The print will resume when the set Z-height has been reached.

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