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What Others Are Saying About the 3DP Workbench 3D Printer

The newly released 3DP Workbench has been recognized by many noted individuals and publications in the 3D printing industry. Here is a sample of their opinions:
“Want big parts? 3D Platform have got you covered.When you consider that they’re claiming 1.25 micron resolution and 70 micron layer heights, this thing is impressive. It’s also built onto an interesting chassis that’s chock full of storage space that’s good for all of those reals of filament, tools and support removal devices, as well as a drawer for your elastoplasts that you’ll inevitable need breaking out part of that size.” — Develop 3D.com

“3D Platform Introduces the 3DP Workbench, Which May Be the Most Convenient Industrial 3D Printer Ever. The 3DP Workbench is the first 3D printer to feature an actual full, built-in workbench. The large-format printer is mounted on an industrial workbench with 12 built-in drawers and cabinets for storage of tools and supplies…The whole thing is very portable – it has wheels for easy transport, and the printer has a folding gantry so that it can easily fit through doors.” — 3DPrint.com

“At last year’s TCT Show + Personalize, the U.S. machine manufacturer announced it would be making some big changes to its super-sized printing platform by leveraging the benefits of open market capabilities and speeding up print times….The 3DP Workbench features SurePrint Servo Technology which is capable of halving print time. The SurePrint Servo motors generate 85% greater torque allowing for faster acceleration and deceleration and improving print accuracy and quality.” — TCT Magazine.com
“3D Platform Launches 3DP Workbench, Large-Format Printer-Workshop Hybrid. 3DP seems to be going beyond just the 3D printer with their 3DP Workbench, offering both an industrial-grade printer and a functional workshop platform all on one machine. It’s important to realize that even as expansive as industrial 3D printing has become, the emerging technology can not innovate on its own. It seems that 3DP has taken note of this, and has responded by releasing their large-format 3D printing technology reformatted into an industrial workshop.” — 3D Printing Industry.com
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