Why has 3D Platform Developed Large Format 3D Printer?

Why has 3D Platform developed large format 3D printers?

Engineers, driven by the need to create real world prototypes and parts that ordinary desktop 3D printers could not handle, created the 3DP1000 large format 3D printer. Hear the answer in this short video interview straight from a Development Engineer with 3D Platform. Be sure to watch for ongoing Q&A with 3DP to learn more about the 3DP1000 and get your large format 3D printing questions answered.   Full Transcript Below …

Narrator:? We?re here at ATX-West and we have the 3D Platform 3DP1000 large format 3D printer here in our booth, and I have with me Joe Binka.? He was the development geek really, behind the ideas.? A lot of this came from him and his design group there at 3DP.

One of the questions that I have for you Joe is well, this is a big printer.? We?re talking about a meter by meter by half meter build area.? What drove you guys to go large format?

Joe:? Well, everything that we have and we have a lot of 3D printers back at our company and they’re all very small foot prints.? Most of the products and parts that we wanted to print just simply wouldn?t fit on the printer.? We decided to come up with a large format printer that could not only do a one meter by one meter print, but would also be able to run production parts.? So if we had a customer that came to us with a small production run or prototype run, we?d be able to do it all on one print bed.

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