Committed to Additive Manufacturing Success

 At 3DP our entire team is committed to our customers’ additive manufacturing success and to support them as they grow their businesses and become more profitable.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is hearing from customers like YOU whose experience with our machines and our expertise led the way to a rapid product launch.

3D Platform is trusted by leading Fortune 100 Brands


“We are driven to help our customers succeed. We have pushed our machine to have the best ROI of any large format 3D printer on the market – and we continue to push it to be better. We have customers that have told us that their ROI is only a single project or just a few months,”

Our Additive Manufacturing Customers are Global

Our Additive Manufacturing Customers Are Global

3D Platform Strategy

Our strategy is a direct response to marketplace needs-the business requirements that create
demand for additive manufacturing, 3D printing machinery and manufacturing agility.
Additive manufacturing is continually pushing the boundaries; most typically
in materials, size and/or speed, and 3D Platform is well prepared.

Our strategy is simple, and focuses on four clear industry demands:

Additive Manufacturing Scalability
Scalability &
Increased Throughput
Additive Manufacturing Solutions
Open Market
Enabled Solutions
Additive Manufacturing Affordability
Affordability of
Equipment & Materials
Additive Manufacturing Technology
 Robust Industrial

Scalability & Increased Throughput

Smart manufacturers are no longer satisfied with legacy product development cycles and small‐scale models. Today they are rapidly moving to full-scale prototypes and production using evolving additive manufacturing practice. This shift requires SPEED and throughput expansion. 3D Platform machines give manufacturers this speed NOW with High‐Flow Extruders and blazing fast (and QUIET) motors. And, we’re continually optimizing these throughput components.

Open Market Enabled Solutions

While manufacturers continue to offer proprietary accessories and media. 3DP believes that leveraging the power of thousands of organizations and individuals is what the market demands, and that it is also vital to long-term market health. That is why 3DP machines welcome the use of open-market software and media. Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to utilize the software that helps you best meet your business goals.

Affordability of Equipment & Materials

SMB’s and Fortune 100 companies alike need to stretch their R&D and production investments like never before-AND increase speed to market. With Workbench prices under $30,000, 3DP helps get your new product development in gear, and your ideas to market faster. Our varying price range, open market software compatibility and extruder throughput options help you to tailor your 3D printer to your specific additive manufacturing needs.

Robust Industrial Technology

3D Platform was born from the hard requirements of machinists and engineers with roots branching from a world leading mechatronics linear motion manufacturer. From these origins came components, motors and control systems that stand up to harsh environments of the shop, and the excessive demands of rapid manufacturing. We serve customers with a need for commercial additive manufacturing and we’re getting better at it. Let us show you how.

You’re Invited

Many of our customers visited our 3DP factory and assembly operation prior to purchasing our flagship Workbench printer. They were treated to a facility tour and opportunities to speak with our engineers and support staff to see first-hand how our machines help to achieve rapid manufacturing reality. Once exposed to the precision craftsmanship that goes into every step of every machine we build, the value of such affordable investment becomes clear.


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Get up and running

Look to 3DP as an extension of your team. Your success is our success. We have an elaborate array of startup and training options to ensure the successful startup and operation of your machine, and the success of your team.

See Our Detailed Lifecycle Success Model

Additive Manufacturing Lifecycle Success Model

“3D Platform delivered our printer,
Set it up, & we printed right away…”

– Chief Engineer, Engineering, Design and Development Company for the Automotive, Aerospace, Architectural, Boating, Medical, and Commercial Industries


Buy Quality Filament

3D Platform is widely respected for our open approach to additive manufacturing. Use the software and filament of your choice. We also offer our 3DP line of filament.

These are certified high-quality, premium materials that are tested and retested on our machines, we stand behind them with an industry leading warranty.

Every 3D printing work requires dependable, quality filament to finish the job. 3D Platform has a wide selection of material and colors that gives clients choices for their industrial 3D printing work. With diverse open market filament material selections, the client can print exactly as they design.

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protect your investment

-An Upgrade Path that Makes Sense

Affordability is a cornerstone of 3DP strategy. We aim to treat your machine as an investment that should appreciate in value – or at least ROI. You’re investing in your business-and you must compete. Our Upgrade Path is practical and shows how a flexible machine can be adapted to future requirements. Some recent developments available to our customers include:

  • Extruders and nozzles upgraded to realize higher print speeds
  • SurePrint Servo upgrades bring rapid travel speed, increased ACCID EC, accuracy & repeatability.
  • Filament feeders upgraded along with other accessories
  • Trade Up program that recognizes the value in your machine and compensates for it as well.

You don’t have an endless budget, and keeping your 3D printing machine at the top of its game is essential to getting your product innovations to market. We’re built to stand by you and grow!

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