Why 3DP

Our Commitment to YOUR Success

At 3D Platform our entire team is committed to our customers’ success and to support them as they grow their businesses and become more profitable. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is hearing from customers like YOU whose experience with our machines and our expertise led the way to a rapid product launch.

3DP at a Glance—History in our Printers

With its roots branching from a world leading mechatronics linear motion manufacturer, PBC Linear [www.pbclinear.com] (Roscoe, Illinois, USA), 3D Platform (3DP) became a standalone business back in February, 2014 as 3DP Unlimited. As the story goes: PBC Linear had just introduced a new actuator line called the SIMO series, designed for x-y-z-motion, which was a natural fit for 3D-printer motion.

“Our engineering team was looking for ways to bring additive manufacturing in-house to prototype the linear motion products for mechatronics that we were developing,” says Mark Huebner, Business Development Manager for 3D Platform. “When they couldn’t find a printer that met their needs, our leadership challenged them to make their own. That was the real genesis of 3DP.”

Our Customers are Global:

Why 3dp

Lifecycle Success Model

3D Platform wants to ensure maximum business impact of your printer throughout its lifecycle. This includes STARTUP, TRAINING, FIELD SERVICE… and a migration path for ongoing system enhancements.

3D Printer Functionality Verified on Site

  • Provides customer confidence in printer performance
  • Provides complete analysis upon shipping receipt

Fully Calibrated (STARTUP)

  • Eliminates the hassle and time of initial calibration
  • Trained technician performs the fine tuning
  • Results in a machine that is functional at the beginning of the first customer print

Basic Printer and Software Functionality Covered

  • The customer will be knowledgeable in the basic printer functionality
  • The customer will be knowledgeable in the basic functions of Simplify3D
  • This helps our customers progress with confidence upon startup completion

Training Develops Excellence

We will ensure your team is up to speed. With our available training, they’ll be set up for success.

Advanced Printer Functionality

  • Focuses on key print techniques to further the customer knowledge of the 3DP printer
  • Advanced printer functions are covered
  • Operators fine tune printer settings that exceed entry level

Advanced Slicing Functions

  • Emphasizes important slicing techniques, advancing the team’s knowledge of Simplify 3D
  • Cutting edge slicing functions are covered in detail
  • The customer can slice with functionality that exceeds entry level capabilities

Basic Printer and Software Functionality Covered

  • Printer maintenance and issue troubleshooting are covered in full detail
  • The customer is more confident in their ability to solve problems

What’s Included in a Typical Course?

  • How 3D Printing works
  • Basic CAD software, file sources & formats
  • Review of specific application
  • Modifying existing designs
  • Printer settings
  • How to setup a 3D printer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Making your own creation… a 3D print to take with you

Always lots of FREE Information right on our Site—Available for Everyone!

  • Calibration blocks, print quality guides and self-help video
  • Troubleshooting content and guides and best practice links
  • Subscribe to our blog!

Field Service Benefits Performed by 3DP Certified Technician

  • Customer confidence that the printer is repaired correctly
  • Resolves any question of warranty coverage due to non-certified work
  • The printer is recalibrated and functional upon completion of the service call

3DP Support

  • Problems can be diagnosed remotely
  • Saves time and cost of an on-site visit
  • Team of technicians monitors support email to provide the quickest response possible


3D Platform is widely respected for our open approach to additive manufacturing. Use the software and filament of your choice. We also offer our 3DP line of filament. These are certified, high-quality, premium materials that are tested and retested on our machines—we stand behind them with an industry-leading warranty.

Protect Your Investment—An Upgrade Path that Makes Sense

Affordability is a cornerstone of 3DP strategy. We aim to treat your printer as an investment that should appreciate in value—or at least provide you a return on investment. You’re investing in your business—and you must compete. Our Upgrade Path is practical and shows how a flexible machine can be adapted to future requirements. Some recent developments available to our customers include:

  • Extruders and nozzles upgraded to realize higher print speeds
  • SurePrint Servo upgrades bring rapid travel speed, increased ACC/DEC, accuracy & repeatability
  • Filament feeders upgraded along with other accessories
  • Trade Up program that recognizes the value in your printer and compensates for it as well.

You don’t have an endless budget, and keeping your 3D printer at the top of its game is essential to getting your product innovations to market. We’re built to stand by you and grow!