Wall Line Count and Top Layers

Case Study

Q:  How does the wall line count/top layers affect my print?

A:  If your wall line count/top layers is too low, your part may not be strong enough and sometimes the infill pattern shows up on the outside and outer walls will not be smooth.

Failed 3D Print
Failed print: The model had just two outer walls and the infill pattern was visible on the outer walls


  1. Wall thickness is low
  2. The part was flimsy and had poor surface quality.


  • Outside perimeters/Wall line count settings were inaccurate.


  • Increase the wall line count to match the required wall thickness
  • Infill percentage was increased to make the part more sturdy
Fixed print: Much better surface quality when the number of outer walls were increased


  • The wall line count can be increased even more if you want a sturdier print. But you must keep in mind that it will increase your print time and filament consumption.


  • When you increase your wall line count, some thin areas on the part might have overlapping walls. To avoid this, Ultimaker Cura has a feature where we can compensate for wall overlaps which avoids over-extrusion.
Ultimaker Cura

A similar phenomenon occurs when you don’t have enough top layers on the model.

Failed print- not enough top layers

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