Top Benefits of Open Market in 3D Printing

Open market platforms increase innovation, decrease costs, and create strong global communities for design.

3D printing continues to gain momentum in various industries, particularly in the manufacturing of consumer products, heavy goods, and medical technologies. As companies continue to adapt additive manufacturing into their main production processes, they must determine if an open-market model or a traditional IP model is right for them.

IP laws provide a period of exclusivity for companies, but they also tend to hinder innovation and waste time. Open-market 3D printing has a variety of benefits, including:

3D Platform open platform

3D Platform’s open platform advantage leverages open market advancements in materials, motion controls, and print hardware and software.

1. Increased & Continued Innovation

Open market allows engineers to work from what already exists from other engineers and designers. It provides a larger pool of ideas that can quickly be shared via the cloud without the legal concerns. Open-market platforms also open the floodgates of innovation by providing real-time 3D printed models that can be easily accessed and shared. Customers have full access to a variety of designs offering the capability to customize to fit their specific needs.

2. Global Engineering Teams

Global communities are also created with open market platforms. Engineers using open market get constant and consistent feedback at no costs. Challenges are solved more rapidly than would be possible within a closed model. Everyone has a chance to blossom with open market and newer technologies could go-to-market faster.

3. Inexpensive & Accessible Technology

The constant flow of information that open market provides leads to inexpensive technologies that become more accessible to the public. Open-market platforms also create the potential for rich and sustainable communities to thrive.

What other benefits do open market platforms provide, specifically to 3D printing? What side of the fence are you on Open Market or IP? What are the disadvantage of open market platforms? Comment below or tweet us at @3DPUnlimited

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