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The State of 3D Printing 2016

Last April, one of the largest 3D printing service providers in the industry, Sculpteo, released a comprehensive, in-depth report on where the 3D printing industry stands. The report suggested that the 3D printing industry is rapidly growing, yet there are multiple barriers to the adoption of 3D printing technology (machine cost, material cost etc.). (Read 2015 3D Printing Industry Report by Sculpeto Here) Before the release of this year’s report, Sculpteo has made some predictions about the state of the 3D printing industry, and the predictions are quite interesting. According to, Sculpteo’s predictions seem to align with some of their visions as well.

Key predictions of the state of 3D printing includes:

1. Expect to see continued increase in the use of 3D printing, which most likely will come from vertical industries currently using the technology, rather than a flood of new verticals integrating the technology.
2. Expect to see an increase in the percentage of material & supply cost being very important to the adoption of the 3D printing technology.

3dp verticalmarketsIMAGE SOURCE: Sculpteo

To read more about Sculpteo’s predictions for 2016, visit

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