Thank You for Visiting 3D Platform at RAPID + TCT

The dust has settled, now it’s time to get back to work.

3D Platform (3DP) had such a great time at RAPID + TCT (#3DPrinting #RAPIDEvent), and we would like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth during the show. We received a lot of great feedback, and we appreciate all the input.


WorkSeries enclosures

The design of the enclosures provides a controlled and stable environment which in turn reduces the chance of warping and shrinkage of the prints.

We are also thrilled to hear the excitement for our new line of BIG 3D printers and FAST extruders that lead the industry and offer customers AFFORDABLE solutions.

We would like to invite everyone to contact us about:

1. New WorkSeries Line-Up—Four new large-format 3D printers:

  • 100 Series—New, entry-level printer starting at $14,999
  • 200 Series—Featuring new electronics including Wi-Fi enabled remote monitoring and operation
  • 300 Series—All the latest electronics enhancements plus 40% increase in build area
  • 400 Series—Top-of-the-line model features an extended bed that provides 1.5 m x 1.0 m x 0.7m build area
  • Optional enclosure

2. 16x Throughput Speed—Extruder enhancements that produce 16x the volumetric throughput of previous-generation 3DP extruders, to 273 mm3/s (59.97 in3/hr)

3. PRO Electronics Rebuild Program—Protect your 3DP investment with increased quality, accuracy, print resolution, speed, and convenience

4. Excel Series—The only, designed from the ground up, extra-large format 3D printer with additive, subtractive, and robotic capability. The unique, parametric design can be easily adjusted to match the needs of your business

3DP Configurator Now Available

Be sure to try our newest configurator tool to receive an immediate quote on a WorkSeries printer with the options you desire.

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