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Successfully 3D Print a Test Chip

Use this test chip tutorial video to help quickly determine if the flow rate is set properly on your large format 3D printer. For more information or to request your free Building Blocks of Success training brochure, click here: https://3dplatform.com/contact/free-sample/ Scott and Sarah of 3D Platform discuss a lack a bead adhesion while printing a test chip. Sarah asks, “What did I do wrong?” Scott: It looks to me like your Z-height sit too high. Having a Z-height set properly is the foundation of every good print. Without this the layers of the print will not bond to each other or the print bed. This is usually noticeable during printing. Sarah: Can the Z-height be adjusted too low? Scott: If you set the Z-height too low, the extruder will compress the first layer, and then on your second layer it can drag across and actually rip the print off the bed. You are going to want to reset your extruder height, and to do that you typically want to use a 6,000th inch shim. Because I do not normally carry a 6,000th inch shim with me, what I like to do is use a post-it note, and fold it in half. First, loosen the extruder off with a 3 mm wrench and I set the post-it note underneath the extruder hood. Then drag the post-it note underneath and make sure that there is a little bit of tension between the piece of paper and the extruder. Finally, tighten the extruder back down and pull the post-it note back out. No you are ready to try again with the chip. As you can see, the foundation of this print looks much better, and you are going to be much more successful moving forward after this calibration print. Sarah: This is step one out of nine in “Building Your 3D Printing Skills.” For more information or to request your free sample, click the link below or send us a message and stay tuned for our next video.

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