SurePrint Servos Advance Large Format 3D Printing Capabilities

3D Platform, a leading manufacturer of large format 3D printers is now offering SurePrint™ Servo Motor Technology on all printers. Both new and existing users can enjoy the benefits of this technology, which provides advanced mechatronics, motors, superior performance, and capabilities for print speed, accuracy and reliability.

Key advantages of SurePrint™ Servo Technology include:

• Faster Speed – Cut your print time in half with SurePrint™ Servo Technology. SurePrint™ Servo motors generate 85% greater torque compared to traditional stepper motors, allowing faster acceleration and deceleration during printing.

• Closed Loop System Delivers Superior Accuracy – Each SurePrint™ Servo motor is embedded with a 20,000 count encoder, providing position feedback every 1.25 micron. This allows the system to adjust automatically the accuracy to increase print quality, resulting in a much smoother surface finish.

• Reliable Performance – Traditional stepper motors consume a lot of power and generate a significant amount of heat, which degrades the motion system’s reliability and life expectancy. SurePrint™ Servo motors consume 67% less energy while generating 50% less heat, ensuring a prolonged system lifespan and improved motion system reliability.

The SurePrint™ Servo motor is the equivalent to swapping your car’s 200 HP motor with a 375 HP motor—you immediately gain drive torque. Moreover, when you add smart traction control, you gain greater control and precision,” said John Good, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 3D Platform. “The results for our customers include faster print times, greater positional accuracy and higher print quality.”

3D Platform continues to allow customers to leverage its industry-leading expertise in mechatronics and linear motion control technologies. The SurePrint™ Servo motors are standard on all WorkSeries machines and can be installed on all pre-existing 3D Platform machines, allowing customer’s machine value to appreciate over time.

Please watch our SurePrint Servo Advantages video:


If you have a 3D printer you’re probably trying to print faster and improve your quality. Mark Huebner of 3D Platform takes a deeper look into motion technology and explains how to cut your print times in half and beyond. To do this, Mark compares the traditional open-loop Stepper motor with the SurePrint™ Servo motor used by 3DP machines.

Starting with a side-by-side speed comparison, we find that the SurePrint Servo motor has 85% greater torque, which allows it to finish 45 percent faster that the open-loop stepper, and dramatically reduce cycle times. In addition to greater torque, there is also better quality.

In the performance arena another demo reveals that the standard stepper is good, but the SurePrint Servo is better. Mark explains that within the servo there is a 20,000-count encoder that is constantly sending back a signal to hold the position. When too much torque is applied to the open-loop stepper it can move the shaft of the motor and lose its location. With the sure print servo motor that has that encoder built in, it is constantly sending a signal fighting the whole position. The benefit for this in 3D printing is that you will have more consistent prints because the motor is actually fighting to hold position much more accurately than an open-loop system.

Reliability is the final category of comparison. In the traditional setup the electronics are separated from the motor, resulting in excess wiring. With the SurePrint Servo motor the electronics are on board the motor, which simplifies the wiring. In the traditional setup the electronics are trapped underneath the printer, causing a build-up of heat. The SurePrint Servo motor’s electronics are out in the open air where it runs 50 percent cooler. The SurePrint Servo consumes 67% less energy, making it much more efficient.

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