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SOLIDWORKS World – 3D CAD Event – 3D Printing

SOLIDWORKS World was packed with excitement, innovation, and amazing speakers. Here are the top 5 memorable moments for 3D Platform:

Memorable Moment #1: Exclusive FB Live Interview with 3DP

3D Platform was featured in a Facebook live interview on day 2 of the show. Mark Huebner, market development manager for 3DP, discussed:

  • 3DP as a company and its large-format printers.
  • The response 3DP has had at the show.
  • The capabilities of the 3DP Workbench printer.
  • Finishing options for 3D printed items

3D Platform Facebook Live Interview

Mark Huebner, 3D Platform marketing manager, is interviewed on Facebook Live at SOLIDWORKS World

Check out the live interview to see why it made our top 5 memorable moments list.

Memorable Moment #2: A Human-Piloted Racing Robot

SOLIDWORKS user Jonathan Tibbett created a giant, human-piloted racing robot that #SWW17 attendees got to see in the Product Showcase area. It was too big not to included on our memorable moments list.

“I wanted to create a new sport,” explains Tibbett. “So, I came up with the design, involved my friends and community, and built most of the structure in my own shop.”

The Prosthesis anti-robot is a responsive, stable, and powerful exo-bionic platform that amplifies the motions of a human pilot. It is specifically designed as a sports machine, requiring a trained athlete to operate it.

Features include:

  1. Mass: 3500kg
  2. Height: 4.2m
  3. Width: 5m
  4. Length: 3m
  5. Top speed: 30km/h
  6. Run time: 30-120min
  7. Power plant: 96V x 20kWh lithium ion battery
  8. Peak output: 170kW (225hp)
  9. Motion system: 100% human controlled, electro-hydraulics with direct haptic feedback.
  10. Suspension system: 50cm travel, custom engineered air and coil over shocks

The Prosthesis Anti_robot ultimate union of pilot and machine, pushing the limits of technology, and human performance.

Memorable Moment #3: SWW17 Shark Tank Start-Up Competition

SOLIDWORKS World teamed up with AlphaLab Gear to host the National Hardware Cup West Coast Regional startup competition.

Six hardware startups pitched their ideas to local venture capitalists for a chance to win$3,000 cash, a one-year subscription to SOLIDWORKS, and a spot at the National Finals to win $50,000. Startups included:

  1. VIRT
  2. VaGenie
  3. OBE
  4. Chüi
  5. PlayTable
  6. InnaMed

Vagenie came out on top with its Kegel fitness and tracking solution, and will participate at the National Finals in April.

Hardware Cup Regionals

Six hardware startups pitched their ideas to local venture capitalists for a chance to win$3,000 cash

Memorable Moment #4: 3D Platform Giveaway Contest

  1. 3D printer PLA filament for desktop and large-format applications
  2. An ergonomic CAD/gaming mouse
  3. A high-quality SpaceMouse Pro professional 3D mouse from 3D Connexion that features:
  • Full sized, soft coated hand rest, 3Dconnexion six-degrees-of-freedom (6Dof) sensor, QuickView Keys, Rotation Toggle Key, Intelligent Function Keys
  • On-Screen Display, Keyboard Modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, Esc), Virtual NumPad, 15 programmable keys in total
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 204 x 142 x 58 mm / 8″ x 5.6″ x 2.3″
  • Corded Mouse – cord length: approx. 3ft

Stay tuned to see who won!

3DP Giveaway

Memorable Moment #5: Robot Rumble Throwdown

Who doesn’t like a good robot throw down?

Spectators were not disappointed on day two of the show. Four teams battled it out in the first ever Robo Rumble, which placed it at number 5 for our memorable moments list. Middle and high school student teams went head-to-head in a gladiator-style competition. Teams included:

  1. Bad Kitty, Suzanne Middle School, Walnut, CA
  2. Beaumonsters, Beaumont School, Cleveland, OH
  3. Least Worst Robotics, Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, CA
  4. Team Fast Electric Robots, Newbury Park High School, Newbury Park, CA

Middle school and high school students battled it out at SWW17.

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