Simple Process From CAD to 3D Print

Watch this short video to learn from Joe Binka, Development Engineer with 3D Platform, how easy the process is to go from CAD to a large format 3D print. Full Transcript Below … Narrator:? Tell me a little bit about your process, Joe.? When you?re going to create something here and you?re going to print something out, what?s the process you go through from the very beginning when you create a solid model, what?s the software you use, and how do you control getting the signal out to this head and actually printing a part? Joe:? What we do is we take any CAD data ? if you?re working in Solid Works or Inventor, it really doesn?t matter ? any CAD software that can export an STL file, that?s really all we need to start.? What we do is we bring the STL file into our slicing software, or we can bring it into our sending software and position it on the bed.? If we want to have 20 parts being printed at one time, we can easily do that with our sending software.? What we do is then send it to our slic3r (slicer) program and kind of make our decisions at that point.? Do we want it to be a solid part, do we want some in fill, and make a few adjustments there. Narrator:? When you say ?slicer program?, what is that actually doing when you take your solid and put it in slic3r, what happens in that program? Joe:? Exactly what it sounds like.? It slices the part up in layers and then it creates all the G-code for the machine ? everything that it needs to run the print, it will turn the temperatures on the extruders, it control the speeds and feeds, it does everything right from there. Narrator:? So you use that slicer program to create the signals that go to the printer.? What then is your process from there?? You?ve got the G-code, and you?ve got everything you need to go there, how do you send it there? Joe:? Literally, you click print.? So you click print and that will send it out to the Arduino board.? It will then sends out and do all the work for you.? It will do all the G-code parsing from there.? There is another option that we can do where you put the G-code on an SD card, and the SD card can be inserted and you don?t have to have your laptop with it or it doesn?t have to be on.? You can pretty much put it in and walk away. NOTE:? Learn more about slic3r at

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