Top Reasons to Think Big, Print Big and Save BIG in 3D Printing

Top 10 Reasons to Think BIG. Print BIG. Save BIG!

Work Table 100

The 3DP WorkTable is designed for smaller businesses, schools, and entry-level designers.

Reason #10:

16x Throughput Speed
Extruder enhancements that produce 16x the volumetric throughput of previous-generation 3DP extruders, to 273 mm3/s (59.97 in3/hr)

Reason #9:


This Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) additive manufacturing system delivers 40% more build volume and up to 16x faster print rates with its unique features of HFA extruders, industrial-strength enhanced mechatronics, enhanced filament feed system, and more!

Reason #8:


Features the same build area size and mechanical features as the WorkbenchClassic at an entry-level price point.

Reason #7:

HFA Extruders

This new line of high-performance, high-speed extruders feature a gear reduction transmission that prevents filament stripping and skipping.

Reason #6:

Pro Electronics Rebuild Program

Allows 3DP customers to get the most out of their investment with their 3DP printers. The Rebuild Program provides HMI touchscreen brainbox, remote access, new extruder and volcano, and more.

WorkSeries enclosures

The design of the enclosures provides a controlled and stable environment which in turn reduces the chance of warping and shrinkage of the prints.

Reason #5:

WorkSeries Enclosures

These new environmental enclosures provide stability and prevent warping and shrinkage for the 100, 200, 300, and 400 WorkSeries.

Reason #4:

Excel Series

The only, designed from the ground up, extra-large format 3D printer with additive, subtractive, and robotic capability. The unique, parametric design can be easily adjusted to match the needs of your business

Reason #3:

HFE300 Extruders

Quadruples the volumetric throughput of 3DP’s previous generation of extruders to 70 mm3/s (15.38 in3/hr).

Reason #2:

HFE900 Extruders

Provides 16x the volumetric throughput of 3DPs previous generation of extruders to 273 mm3/s (59.9 m3/hr).

Reason #1:


Features a larger build area of 1 m x 1.5 m x .7 m and a game-changing throughput increase that will dramatically help our customers get more out of their additive workflows.


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