2017 AMUG - JB Presentation

Reduce 3D Print Times from 2kg a day to 2kg an hour

Joe Binka, additive manufacturing engineer for 3D Platform, unveiles their new extruders. He goes on to explain that one of the biggest questions that we get from our customers is how do we reduce print times, and how do we increase throughput?

After looking at all the extruders that were on the market, 3DP came up with the HFE900. This extruder runs a six-millimeter diameter filament, which offers two kilograms per hour of printed material. That is a big step forward from a year ago, which saw extruder throughput rates at just two kilograms per day. One of the nice side effects of using such big filament and big nozzles is that the printed parts are incredibly strong.

In combination with the HFE900, 3DP also developed two smaller extruders. One uses four-and-a-half-millimeter filament, and the other uses three-millimeter filament. Together, these extruders offer customers a pretty wide range of material choices.

We look forward to showing off the amazing extruder technology!

For those interested in reducing your print time in regards to fused filament fabrication (FFF), Joe Binka, lead engineer at 3D Platform (3DP) shares his secrets, tips, and tricks on how to significantly reduce your print time in regards to FFF. He also touches on extruder technology as well as some design and slicing techniques that you can apply to your processes.

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