Open Source Software Advantages for the 3DP1000 3D Printer

Learn how easily accessible and easy to use open source software solutions help 3D Platform lower the cost barriers to owning, and speed up the learning curve to using a large format 3D printer.Full Transcript …

Narrator:? You?ve mentioned to me a couple times, Joe, about open source.? What does that mean, first of all, and then what benefits does that bring to you and 3D Platform?

Joe:? There?s a group of very talented people that have really pushed 3D printing into today?s technology.? I give them a lot of credit for the developments that they continue to make and pushing this technology into new levels every day? The community is able to provide us with no cost software, no cost firmware that we can make donations to help them keep developing this product.? So we really like to keep in touch with that, we feel like that?s our roots, and we really want to keep pursuing the open source.

Narrator:? So open source is basically free software that?s available on the internet that drives this and makes this happen? So slic3r (slicer) that you mentioned earlier is that an example of the open source software?

Joe:? Absolutely, a great program and it?s still continually in development.? Every few months or so you see a new update being released for the software and we all get excited and can?t wait to see what it?s actually going to do for us.

Narrator:? So that helps you keep cost down, helps you develop a platform, and lowers that barrier.? A lot of engineers look at a printer and go ?that?s cool, that?s awesome?, and when they are looking at the high end printers they?re thinking ?it?s proprietary software that I have to learn, and proprietary everything? ? basically closed source.? So then the barrier to get a high end or large format 3D printer is pretty high.? But by using open source, leveraging that, and using open source hardware, you?ve lowered that barrier for an engineer to get into a large format 3D printer economically.

Joe:? Absolutely ? and it?s also a very familiar environment for other very talented people who have been in the 3D print industry for a long time.? They?ll find it very familiar.? If they?ve got a custom macro that they?ve written, they?ll be right at home with this environment.

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