Open Source Software Advantages from 3D Platform 3D Printers

Learn how easily accessible and easy to use open source software solutions help 3D Platform lower the cost barriers to owning, and speed up the learning curve to using a large format 3D printer.

3DP Representative, Mark Huebner, and Development Engineer, Joe Binka, discuss open source software and the 3D Platform 3D-Printer. Mark starts off by asking Joe, “What does ‘open source’ mean, and what benefits does that bring to you at 3D Platform? Joe: There is a very talented group of people that have really pushed 3D printing technology forward. This community is able to provide us with no-cost software and no-cost firmware. We in turn, make donations to these organizations in order to keep developing open source products, which keeps our products in the lead. Mark: So, open source is basically free software that is available on the internet. Is the slicer that you mentioned earlier an example of open source? Joe: Yes, it’s a great program that is continually in development. This means that roughly every few months we get a new update released for our software. When these updates happen, we all get excited to see what new advantages will be realized. Mark: So that helps you keep costs down, and helps develop a platform that lowers the software barrier. A lot of engineers look at a printer and go “Oh, that is cool, that is awesome.” Then they look at some of the high-end printers and think, “that is proprietary software that I have to learn.” We can then conclude that the barrier to getting a high end, large format 3D printer is high, but can be lowered by leveraging open source software. Joe: Absolutely. And it is also a very familiar environment for talented and experienced people within the 3D print industry. They will feel right at home with our product.

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