How to Maximize 3D Printing Productivity

3D Printing Tech Tips: How to Maximize Your 3D Printing Productivity

You have heard all about the 3DP large build area of 1 meter x 1 meter x .5 meter. The large build area of this printer can be utilized in several ways to produce parts of different sizes and properties depending on their ultimate purpose. That means you can take an ordinary 3D model and make it extraordinary.

But did you know that you can use the large build area to print many small objects at once? The 3DP Printers can be used as a production machine. Here are a few ideas of why you would want to do this.

Example One: Printing Multiple Pieces of the Same Part.
You may need 10 or 50 or 100 of something such as a machinery bracket. Each piece has the same model modifiers. This means that each part is sliced in the same way with the same numbers of tops, bottoms, outside perimeters, percentage of infill, etc.

This type of multiple piece project can be printed very easily. Once the model modifiers are set in the Simplify-3D process settings, click ‘select models’, and then ‘select all’. Click ‘ok’, then ‘ok’ again to accept the process settings. When you prepare to print and preview your file, you will see that the printer lays down one layer at the time for each piece of the project.

Example Two: Printing a Part that has Multiple Different Pieces.
Not every part can be printed as one piece. For these projects it is necessary to apply different modifiers to your slice settings. One piece may need to have an infill percentage while others may not need any.

Let us apply these different process settings in Simplify-3D. Set the parameters you want. Then select the model that you would like and accept the settings.

Example three: Print Multiple Objects One-by-One in Sequence
Sometimes there is a need for completely printing a part before moving on and printing the next. This applies to small, sometimes high detailed parts where the overall height of the part will not exceed the clearance needed for the actuators. It reduces overall setup time, and each piece prints sequentially without manual starts and stops.

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