What Materials Can Print on a 3D Platform 3D Printer?

Watch this short video to learn about PLA and the other potential materials that can be used for rapid prototypes on a large format 3D printer.   Mark Huebner chats with 3DP Development Engineer, Joe Binka, regarding PLA and other kinds of materials that can be used with large format 3D printers. For starters, PLA stands for polylactic acid. It is a biodegradable plastic with a cornstarch base. It is really ideal for the office because there is no need to vent any fumes out. A PLA is one of our favorite materials to use early on a development. It is easy to work with and we are able to get through our designs really quick. We have also used ABS, which is a much stronger material. This is a material we would use more in an end-use case, like a product that we have designed. We also are experimenting with Nylons and polycarbonate. In fact, everyday there are new types of materials hitting the market. We have recently seen wood material and really exotic things out there like biomaterial and also different kinds of metals. We are excited to see where the material industry can take us in the next few years, but for the basic user for the rapid prototyping the material is PLA.

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