Large format 3D Printer, the 3DP1000 Sparks Students? Imagination

3D Platform Large Format 3D Printer, Sparks Students Imagination

After a week of designing catapults, jewelry, and other small trinkets as part of a 3D software design institute, young Digital NEST students witnessed one of the largest commercial 3D printers in the country easily transform thin ropes of plastic into a fluted vase. Digital NEST, which provides free high-tech and professional skills for people aged 12-24, has filled the summer with digital workshops. Digital NEST is all about getting these youth the skills they need to compete for good-paying jobs locally and globally, said Jacob Martinez, founding executive director. There’s a huge opportunity for 3D modeling careers. The open house was hosted by the Applied Motion Products in Watsonville, California. “It is a great opportunity for the students to see a machine that they would not normally have access to”, said Don Macleod, chief executive officer, and president of the Applied Motion. “You can see how it sparks their imagination.” 3D Platform and Applied Motion Products both advocate for the cultivation of youth’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM, pursuits. 3DP believes that 3D printing should have a place in the classroom and will continue to have a significant impact on education. 3DP looks forward to seeing more young talents join the world of additive manufacturing.

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