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Tech Tips: Testing Carbon Fiber Filaments

Hi again everyone!


It’s good to be back and I have some interesting data to share with you regarding carbon / carbon fiber filaments.

My CEO asked me to take a look at these materials to see exactly what benefits they provide.


My goal this week was quite simple; create a test part and print it in every carbon filament I could find.

Once the printing is complete I will use a force gage to record the failure point for each brand.

I don’t have a fancy tensile strength tester so this will have to do.



This is the piece I decided to use as my test part.


Here is an image of all my test subjects before destruction testing.

carbon test


Here are the results of the testing:

test result

Polycarbonate is by far the strongest material of the group, but it is a pain to print with. It warps and curls really bad and I would rather avoid it if possible.

Out of the carbon materials the CFR Nylon was the strongest. I would also like to point out the PC ABS and the NATURAL CARBON materials.

Both of these materials printed great with little to no warping.


If I need a really strong material, I’m going to go with the PC-ABS over the carbon materials. It’s just much easier to deal with.

The carbon filament is so brittle that I had several instances where the filament broke off above the extruder during normal printing.


I’ll keep adding to this chart and post it again once more materials are tested.


See ya next time!


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