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Joe’s Corner #1: Introducing Joe’s Corner…Insights from R&D

My name is Joe Binka and I am the creator and Lead Design Engineer for 3D Platform’s 3DP1000 large format 3D additive manufacturing machine. I have been with the company since its inception. Previously I spent 8 years in the Linear Motion division working on R&D and new product development.

I spend a large portion of my time helping customers understand that this machine is closer to a CNC mill than it is a desktop printer. I believe the industry has been done a disservice by calling this type of machine a “printer”. It gives the impression that you simply click a button and out pops this masterpiece… there is no easy button, I’ve checked. It does require training, dedicated personnel, and a commitment to a mastery of the process. This is the reason I decided to create Joe’s Corner, yes it’s always this messy… sorry.

I really want to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve discovered and give you a glimpse behind the scenes. R&D, product / process improvement, and testing are a big part of who we are as a company and I hope you find it as interesting as I do.

I will be updating this column on a weekly basis, and I hope you find this column a helpful way to stay in touch with our R&D team as well as becoming part of our tightly knit 3D printing community. I’d love to hear feedback from you, so if you have any questions for the 3DP R&D lab, please feel free to leave a comment below or let us know on social media.

Around here we like to talk about parts/prints in terms of level of difficulty as 101, 201, 301/401. Not unlike college course levels.
I believe that anyone is capable of 101 level success, even my Mom… Hi Mom! 🙂

Where we see the most struggle is when users try to go directly to 401 prints when they have not mastered the prerequisites of 101 and 201 level prints.
This is where we as a company focus much of our support efforts and I hope to share that with you as well.

So that’s that, and I hope you stop back next week!

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