Great Expectations – 3D Platform Shares Insights on Post Processing 3D Prints

Have you ever seen a huge bowl of 3D printed plastic fruit, a giant Frankenstein monster’s head ?and a 1:1 scale 3D printed ?rim at a 3D Platform trade show booth or on the web? ?Those who have seen the large 3D prints by 3D Platform, either in person or on the website, are all amazed by its enormous scale, precise print accuracy and realistic surface finishes. These fascinating half raw and half post processed 3D prints have raised a lot of questions among 3D printing enthusiasts: ?What is the point of leaving half of the 3D print raw and the other finished??  

It?s all about managing great expectations and being transparent about the 3D printing process.

  ?We intentionally have chosen to go ahead and print objects and have half finished and other half raw,? 3D Platform Vice President, John Good explained. ?The reason we?ve done that is to help connect the dots and paint the possibilities.? Earlier this month, 3D Platform, together with a 3D printing service bureau the CIDEAS , shared some insights on post processing 3D prints with the TCT Magazine. The original article is seen in TCT Magazine February 2015 issue, page 53. To read the full article, please follow the link here (   3D Platform on Post Processing   The original article Great Expaectations is seen in the TCT Magazine, February 2015 Issue

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