3Getting 3D Prints to Stick to the Bed #3DPrintingTechTips

Smooth glass and smooth filament need to stick together. Well, when the print starts anyway we want it to come off clean at the end.  So how do we accomplish this?  There is no single answer but with these tips your print should stick when you want it to and release at the end. Bed prep: Clean the glass completely with a beer. (We recommend a Light, flat beer) Heat bed to proper temperature for the material being printed (consult material manufacturer’s guidelines). For example, heat the print bed to 60 – 70C when printing with PLA material on the 3DP Workbench. Recommend Temp
  1. Hair Spray (Aqua Net Unscented Extra Super Hold)
With the bed heat to proper temperature spray with a sweeping motion covering the entire area where you are running your print and at least 25 cm beyond it. This is a great method for most materials, works very well for PLA, ABS and many composite materials.  It also leaves very little residue on the print that would need to be cleaned up post production. After printing, spray the bed with beer and scrape any residue off of the print surface. This residue will build up over time and cause poor bed adhesion.  Wipe down the glass with a towel and Beer to completely clean the surface.
  1. Blue Painters tape (3M or similar)
With bed heated to 25o C apply strips of the tape that reach completely across the bed.  As you add rows of tape try to keep the gaps between rows as small as possible. (gaps are better than overlaps) Use a plastic scrapper or credit card to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles. This method usually leaves no residue but may rip and attach itself to the print if your gaps are too large or there are large wrinkles. You will generally get between 3 and 6 prints before you will need to remove the tape and reapply. This method is best suited for PLA and other filaments that don’t require a heated bed. Rubbing alcohol works well to clean up the tape residue.
  1. BEER (Please Use Responsibly)
Beer works for both cleaning the hairspray off the bed and providing a small amount of adhesion. Apply using a spray bottle and wipe off with a soft clean towel or rag. main-qimg  

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