Large Format 3D Printing with 3DP1000

How to Get Started with Large Format 3D Printing

The 3DP1000 by 3D Platform is an industrial strength large format 3D printer. Don?t let the words ?industrial strength? or ?large format? scare you. In fact, printing with 3DP1000 is easy ? as easy as 1 ? 2- 3D! Watch the video and learn how to 3D print easily with 3DP1000.  

Large Format 3D Printing Made Easy

Step One: Start with a 3D model. You can either create a 3D model in 3D modelling software, such as a CAD program, or download a 3D model from the internet. Make sure to save the model as an .obj or an .stl file. Large Formt 3D Print with 3DP1000 Step One   Step Two: Process the 3D model in 3D printing software. 3DP1000 allows users to choose their own open source software, such as the Repetier Host or Simplify 3D. Open source software brings a number of benefits, such as keeping costs down, lowering the barrier for engineers to adapt to the 3D printing environment. Learn more about open source software advantages here. Large Format 3D Print with 3DP1000 Step 2   Step Three: Send the processed file to your 3DP1000 large scale 3D printer. The 3DP1000 comes with a LCD monitor with a built-in SD card reader, so you can simply plug in your SD card to print your extraordinary 3D design on the 3DP1000. You can also use a USB port to connect the 3DP1000 with your laptop. Before getting ready to print, make sure to heat the print bed and home all of the axes. 3D Print with 3DP1000 Step 3   Select ?Print from SD? and you are all set! Now let?s get started with your first large format 3D print with the 3DP1000 and 3D Platform! Want to learn more about how to print with the large format 3D printer 3DP1000? Find support here, or contact us!  

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