Your work requires dependable, quality filament to finish the job. Our wide selection of material and colors gives you choices for your industrial 3D printing work. With diverse open market filament material selections, your part will print just as you designed it.

  • Durable impact-resistant materials
  • Strong, tough, transparent, heat resistant
  • Flexible, pliable and rubber-like properties
  • Rigid and conductive properties
  • Bronze, wood, carbon fiber and other fills
  • FDA compliant properties
  • …and more
ABSVery high impact-resistance, stable printing
ASBXHighly enhanced ABS, zero warp technology, excellent interlayers
HIPSDissolves in limonene matte finish, virtually no warping, easy to glue
Metal-FilledLook and feel of metals like bronze, brass, aluminum or stainless steel.
M-ABSTransparent, translucent options, smells less then regular ABS
PETGHigh clarity, very tough, east to print, odor neutral, FCA
PLATougher than regular PLA, biodegradable
TCP-FLEXVery flexible, strong, long term heat resistant, UV resistant
Wood-FilledFeels and smells like wood, biodegradable, low warping