3D Platform Design World Webinar—9-22-15

FREE Webinar – Expanded 3D Printing Capabilities, Going Beyond Prototyping

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 2:00pm EST / 11:00am PDT

Register Now at https://info.designworldonline.com/expanded-3d-printing-capabilities-going-beyond-prototyping? Advanced processes in 3D printing, such as?inserts,?core modeling?and?multiple materials, can expand the capabilities of a 3D printer. Incorporating non-printed elements, such as fasteners, electronics, switches, sensors, or even metal sub-structures, into a printed part expands the spectrum of usability?resulting in fully functional models and prototypes. The ability to add?inserts?is a key advantage to FFF, Fused Filament Fabrication, type of 3D printing?where hardware is inserted mid-print and completely encompassed by the 3D print process.
The process of?core modeling?also provides expanded capabilities.?Core modeling?is the process of creating multiple zones?or cores?within a 3D printed object. Each core can have different print process settings, such as infill percentage or material type. This is advantageous to an engineer who wants to create strength in a portion of his model, but doesn?t want to sacrifice print time by specifying a dense infill for the entire part. This can be applied to the use of multiple materials?each with specific print settings?within the same model. The ability to utilize multiple material types for 3D printing allows the user to select the right material for the job at hand?many times this involves using multiple materials in the same print. In the webinar, we?ll discuss how to expand your 3D printing by using these advanced processes. We?ll talk about how to get the most out of using multiple materials, as well as some easy-to-use alternatives to common tricky or difficult materials,?such as ABS. Attend this webinar to learn:
  • Learn how a 3D printed part can become fully functional by adding fasteners, living hinges, linear bearings, and sensors
  • What is core modeling and why would you incorporate it into your next 3D print?
  • Experienced 3D print users know the importance of using the right material for the job requirements. We?ll discuss what materials work well for certain situations, as well as what materials work well together?for multiple material prints.

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