What are the Electronics in the 3DP1000 3D Printer?

Watch this brief video interview with Development Engineer, Joe Binka, and learn about the basic electronics and simplified design that drives and controls the large format 3DP1000 3D printer. Full Transcript:

Narrator:? Tell me a little bit about the electronics inside the 3D printer?

Joe:? The co-designer on this product, Dwayne Williams, he is a real open source rep-rap kind of guy.? We really leaned on his knowledge of the open source hardware, software, and firmware.? That?s one of the things that allowed us to get to market faster and to keep our cost down considerably.? So what we use is an Arduino Mega board.? We also use a ramps board to send step and direction out to our motors.? We have bypassed the stepper motor controller on the Ramps board and we?re actually running an amplifier right on the motors.? That allows a big machine to take advantage of low cost electronics, but we can still get good performance.

Narrator:? Now having the amplifiers out there at the motor, what other advantages does that give you as far as wiring, electronics, or cooling?

Joe:? It really simplified the wiring of this machine.? The first prototypes we came up with, we used an amplifier that was built right underneath the machine.? We?d have to wire it from the board to the amplifier then back out to the motor.? What this does is allow us to run one cable, keeps things cheaper, and it also makes the machine look much cleaner.

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