3DP’s SurePrint Servo Technology Cuts 3D Printing Time in Half

Speed can be a fundamental advantage of 3D printing and the driving force behind the innovation and explosive growth of the market. 3D Platform (3DP), a leading manufacturer of large format 3D printers, today announces its SurePrint™ Servo Motor Upgrade Package for the flagship printer, the 3DP1000. Designed for professional large format 3D printer users, the SurePrint™ Servo Motor upgrade offers many advanced features including industry-leading mechatronics, closed-loop servo motors, superior torque and speed performances, as well as advanced capabilities for accuracy and reliability. Armed with the upgraded SurePrint™ Servo Motors, 3D Platform users can cut their print time in half, while yielding accurate and reliable large 3D prints.

“Many large format 3D printing users are concerned with print speed and accuracy,” said Joe Binka, 3D Platform Lead Design Engineer. “Print speed is a relative measure that is throttled by many variables, such as the printer’s motion control system capabilities, extruder size, flow rate and volume, material, and 3D file settings. At 3D Platform, we overcome these challenges by leveraging our experience in mechatronics and linear motion, and with the release of the 3DP SurePrint™ Servo Motor Upgrade, 3D Platform will raise the industry standard yet again.”

The 3D Platform SurePrint™ Servo Motor Upgrade enables users to cut print times in half without sacrificing print quality in the following ways: • Greater Torque = Faster Print Time SurePrint™ Servo motors generate 85% greater torque when compared to traditional stepper motors. This advanced torque capability allows faster acceleration and deceleration, thus dramatically increasing travel speed and reduces overall print time. For example, when printing with PLA material, the 3DP1000 with SurePrint™ Servo motors can easily accelerate up to 250mm/sec, whereas a traditional stepper motor might skip steps or stall briefly at such high-speed. • Superior Peak Torque Range = More Reliable Speed Performance SurePrint™ Servo motors excel in the peak torque range test, providing more reliable performance even at high speeds. Traditional stepper motors may stall at high speeds without notice; SurePrint™ Servo motors generate consistent throughput even at 2000 RPM or higher. • Industry-leading Close Loop System = Accurate Prints at High Speed Each SurePrint™ Servo motor is embedded with a 20,000 count encoder, providing position feedback every 1.25 micron. This allows the system to automatically adjust the accuracy to increase print quality, resulting in a much smoother surface finish.



Following the successful entry into the 3D printing market with the industrial strength, large format 3D printer, the 3DP1000, 3D Platform continues to allow customers to leverage its industry-leading expertise in mechatronics and linear motion control technologies. The SurePrint™ Servo Upgrade Package can be installed on both new and existing 3DP1000 machines, allowing every customer’s machine value to appreciate over time.

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