Big Prints. Big Opportunities – We Are Hiring!

Rapid growth of additive manufacturing and increased demand for large-scale, professional-grade 3D printing has led to expansion for 3D Platform, manufacturer of the 3DP1000. Featuring one of the largest build areas in the industry (1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm) ? more than 70 times larger than the average desktop ? the 3DP1000 consistently produces accurate, large-scale prints utilized for production, prototype and design applications in a wide range of industries. Leveraging industrial-strength mechatronics from world-leading linear actuator manufacturer PBC Linear, 3DP1000s retail at less than $20,000 ? one tenth the cost of FDM printers of similar size. Join the 3DP professional team and kick start your career in the exciting additive manufacturing industry! Contact 3DP if your skillset and experience match any of the positions listed below. Must be an energetic and outgoing person with the ambition to go above and beyond in a fast-paced work environment. Please send your contact information and background to Current Opening Positions: Electrical Controls Engineer 3DP Precision Assembler 3DP Business Development Manager 3DP Project Manager 3DP Sales / Technical Service

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