Big 3D Printer, Fast and Affordable Additive Manufacturing

This Big 3D Printer decreases your print time from 100 hours down to 11 hours. 3D Platform offers big, fast, affordable additive manufacturing solutions.

Print Time! 3D Platform expert John Good addresses “big, fast, and affordable” solutions for additive manufacturing. He explains that the chess piece pawn was printed with a very fine resolution (around 0.06mm). However, it comes at a consequence of a longer print time of almost 100 hours. That’s not what the market is looking for with big 3D prints as large as 1m X 1m X .7m.

“People are asking for fast.”

With the 9000-watt high flow extruder (HFE900), 3DP Platform techs can print the exact same pawn in under 2 ½ hours. What does that mean? At a typical operating cost of $50 / hour, users are now looking at a part that costs $150 versus $5000 – and with much higher strength!

What kind of finish are you looking for? Are you looking for a fast print time? Are you looking to save money? Is density and strength more important than fine layers? Contact us to learn more about our big 3D printer and extruder options. Let us help you find your best fit!

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