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AMUG – Additive Manufacturing Users Conference Group

The Additive Manufacturing Users Conference Group is just around the corner, and attendees can expect a BIG event with more users and more technologies.

The conference has a phenomenal line up of keynote speakers, including Jason Lopes, of Legacy Effects, who has pushed the limits of additive manufacturing to make amazing physical effects a reality.

Think BIG. Print BIG. Save BIG.

Attendees will also see the 3D Platform WorkbenchPro in action during the AMUGexpo hours. The WorkbenchPro eatures include:
  1. Industrial strength enhanced mechatronics
  2. A touchscreen HMI brainbox equipped with a 32-bit chip and optimized firmware
  3. Wi-Fi access that allows remote mobile device control and login
  4. Touch probe that provides state-of-the-art auto mesh bed leveling up to 441 points
  5. QuickSwap dual extruder heads that accommodate filament sizes from 2.85 mm to 6 mm
The WorkbenchPro allows users to think BIG, print BIG, and save BIG! To see other BIG events happening at the conference, read: 3 BIG Things Happening at #AMUG2017 Conference. Going to AMUG? What are you looking forward to? What technology interests you the most? How has additive manufacturing helped your projects? Comment below or talk to us on Twitter and LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you.

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