Additive Manufacturing For Business Leaders – 3D Printing Course

Additive manufacturing continues to expand and, as the technologies move beyond prototyping, managers struggle with how to apply additive manufacturing within their businesses. Data from Deloitte University‘s 3D printing course (3D Opportunity: The course on additive manufacturing for business leaders) suggest where stakeholders want to see AM investments made, and how to assess the benefits these avenues of choice provide. This article dissects these responses and organizes them into a framework that helps provide business leaders with a map to navigate the AM landscape.
As part of the MOOC, one assignment invited participants to answer the question “What would I like to see AM create next?” More than 600 students responded, agreeing overwhelmingly that AM will impact their businesses in the next five years and, more helpfully, explaining how. Although many industry analysts have speculated on the many ways in which AM could be put to use, we have seen no data presented offering a demand-side argument about where AM should be put to use.
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