Large Format Additive Manufacturing 3D Printer Workbench

The 3DP Workbench is the first 3D printer to feature an actual full, built-in workbench. The large-format printer is mounted on an industrial workbench with 12 built-in drawers and cabinets for storage of tools and supplies…The whole thing is very portable – it has wheels for easy transport, and the printer has a folding gantry so that it can easily fit through doors.

3D Platform Introduces the 3DP Workbench, Which May Be the Most Convenient Industrial 3D Printer Ever.

Mark Huebner of 3D Platform takes a few minutes to check out the Workbench 3D Printer. He begins by commenting that “this is a large format, fused-filament, 3D printer that is industrial-strength.” He goes on to relay some of the finer points of the 3DP Workbench:

  • Impressive 1 meter x 1 meter x .5 meter build area,
  • Economical price tag of $27,000
  • Lower operating costs via open source filaments (available world-wide)
  • SurePrint™ Servo technology motors that offer precision accuracy
  • Robust gantry system

A convenient workstation

Mark points out that one of the first things you will notice on this machine is this industrial workstation that the printer is mounted on. This station makes it convenient for:

  • Accessing electronics
  • Ample storage for things like extra filament
  • Organizing tools such as pliers, calibration tools, and calipers

Removable print bed

Another great feature of the Workbench is the removable print bed. The bed is easily removable, connected on the back with simple electronic connectors, and mounted onto the workstation. This flexibility allows users ease of transport through single width doors. This makes it great for putting the printer into office spaces or into shops where there is limited access.

Robust mechatronics system

What really makes the workbench robust are the mechatronics the system is built around. These linear actuators are long, straight, and designed by PBC Linear, a leader on linear motion for more than 30 years. Inside is a lead screw that has a patented anti-backlash nut, which allows for the quick, high-fidelity moves that are very common with 3D printing.

The printer is equipped with SurePrint™ Servo motors which provide a closed loop system. This system offers 85% more torque than a typical open-loop stepper system. The results are faster and more accurate prints, yielding better overall quality. Additionally, the 20,000-count encoder provides feedback on positioning, much like the traction control in a high-end sports car. This will help the printer to excel in tight corners, giving a better-quality print.

Two extruders are better than one!

The workbench comes standard with dual extruders, which allows for different print options like two color prints, or two different materials. This could include material for support, or something soluble like a HIPS filament.

Open platform

The open platform offers advanced printing options like adding inserts. This means that print users can add fasteners, bolts, or even electronics midway through a print. It becomes part if the print, encased in plastic. Everything is easily seen on this open platform where an LED light is built in.

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