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About 3D Platform Printers

3D Platform is a leading manufacturer of large-scale, industrial-class 3D printers. Based in Roscoe, Illinois, 3D Platform is a company of skilled mechatronics engineers who embrace advancements in technology to innovate, design, and build next generation equipment for rapid prototyping. 3D Platform is committed to building on industrial strength linear motion components, actuators, and motors while maintaining affordable flexibility with open market software and control solutions.

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The Most Trusted, Open Market Large-Format 3D Printer Company

With more large-format, open market 3D printers in the world than any other other company, 3D Platform’s large-format additive manufacturing machines provide a superb return on your investment.  Some customers have seen an ROI in just a single project or as little as 90 days!

3DP at a glance-history in our printers

With its roots branching from a world leading mechatronics linear motion manufacturer, PBC Linear [www.pbclinear.com] (Roscoe, Illinois, USA), 3D Platform (3DP) became a standalone business back in February, 2014 as 3DP Unlimited. As the story goes: PBC Linear had just introduced a new actuator line called the SIMO series, designed for x-y-z-motion, which was a natural fit for 3D-printer motion.

“Our engineering team was looking for ways to bring additive manufacturing in-house to prototype the linear motion products for mechatronics that we were developing,” says Mark Huebner, Business Development Manager for 3D Platform. “When they couldn’t find a printer that met their needs, our leadership challenged them to make their own. That was the real genesis of 3DP.”

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