#3DPrintingTips – How to Print Using the LCD Interface

Step 1: Heating the Build Area

Heat the 3DP1000 build area to the set temperature recommended by the material manufacturer. For example, heat to 60 – 70C when printing with PLA material.

Recommend Temp

Step 2: Prepare the Build Area

Spray beer or recommended solution to prep the bed. Wipe off excess liquid with paper towel.

Step 3: Insert the SD Card or connect a laptop using USB

Save your G-code file on an SD Card, and insert the SD card into the LCD controller.

Step 4: Preheat the extruder(s)

Rotate the button on the LCD panel and select “Prepare” >“Preheat PLA”>”Preheat PLA All” to preheat both nozzles, or select “Control” > “Temperature” then set the nozzle temperature numerically.

Step 5: Auto Home the Axis

Using the LCD panel, select “Prepare”>”Auto Home” to home the axis. This will move the nozzles to the home position before it starts to print.

Step 6: Select a file from the “Print from SD Menu”

On the LCD panel, select “Print From SD”. Select the file you would like to print from the SD card.

The print will begin when the build area and nozzles have reached the set temperature.Watch this short video and learn how to print using the 3DP1000’s LCD screen.