3DP1000 Classic

Product Listings

Product Part Number Description Price
Standard .25mm NOZZLE X1000-NZZL025 V6 Nozzle, 0.25mm $15.00 Add to Cart
Standard .35mm NOZZLE X1000-NZZL035 V6 Nozzle, 0.35mm $15.00 Add to Cart
Standard .3mm NOZZLE X1000-NZZL030 V6 Nozzle, 0.30mm $15.00 Add to Cart
Standard .4 mm NOZZLE X1000-NZZL040 V6 Nozzle, 0.40mm $15.00 Add to Cart
Standard .6 mm NOZZLE X1000-NZZL060 V6 Nozzle, 0.60mm $15.00 Add to Cart
Standard .8 mm NOZZLE X1000-NZZL-080 V6 Nozzle, 0.80mm $15.00 Add to Cart
E3D NOZZLE SPANNER (7mm) 6200667 7mm wrench for changing nozzle. $3.00 Add to Cart
VORTEX TUBE FAN BRACKET, PLA FAN X1000-0026 Vortex tube mount for X1000 print cooling fan. $10.00 Add to Cart
MOTOR, STEP N23, 1.8ยบ, 1X INTEG DRV/MTR 6200512 NEMA 23 stepper motor for X1000 gantry. $250.00 Add to Cart
ASSEMBLY, LCD SCREEN X1000-ASY-0004 LCD screen assembly and mount for X1000. $250.00 Add to Cart
UPPER GLASS BRACKET - 3D PRINTED X1000-0015 $10.00 Add to Cart
SENSOR, SWITCH PROX IND, NPN, NO, 2M CBL 6200418 Hall effect limit switch for homing gantry. $20.00 Add to Cart