3DP Demos World’s Fastest Extruders

3D Platform (3DP) was proud to display its new line of extruders to Design World.

Watch the video for the full interview:

Design World’s, Leslie Langnau gets a glimpse of 3DP’s new line of HFE extruders

Leslie Langnau of Design World Magazine sits down with John Good of 3D Platform at the Rapid Shop to discuss extruder speeds in large format 3D printing. Their discussion begins with the question of “how much material your device can lay down at a time?” John’s response begins by giving as industry baseline stat for extruder speed/throughput at 1x, and then using that for comparison.

“I’m introducing extruders with what I call higher thermal capacity, 900 watts that are delivering 16x the volumetric throughput You can imagine going from a 320- hour print down to a 20- hour print and what the business impact for customers is.

John goes on to explain, “If the throughput rate of the industry is roughly one cubic inch per hour, 3DP’s extruder is 32x that, or 60 cubic inches per hour. The HFE 900 is the wattage that we’re able to power into the filament to go ahead and melt it, printing a particular sample in roughly 3 hours as opposed to 50 hours with a less capable extruder.”

“Here’s a perfect example of folks wanting the capability to print large parts, and with an added benefit of having them much stronger.”

When asked about finishes, John showcases the 3D-printed pawn sample. This object, the blue pawn that I am holding, was printed in roughly 2 ½ hours with a big nozzle. There was a trade-off in terms of surface finish, so one of the things that we’re showing are automotive techniques that generate mirror finishes.

Wrapping up the conversation, Leslie asks John to discuss the whole system of high throughput technology. John explains, “This is our work series extreme–we call it the 400. The print size has grown to be 1.5m X 1 m X .7m, so that’s you know 60 inches long on the diagonal. We are also showing the possibilities of adding nylon with fiber or other PTG or PLA’s … to give them material property strengths.

“It’s a great example of what continues to happen in this industry that opens up new possibilities for customers.”

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