3D Platform Debut Huge Success at ATX-West 2014

The debut showing of the 3DP1000 large format 3D printer from 3D Platform was a huge success.? The aisle of the ATX-West Expo in Anaheim, CA was packed with people wanting to see what the buzz was about and learn what the innovation could bring to their design team.? PBC Linear featured the 3DP1000 in their booth where Design World Magazine stopped by for a video interview, suggestions for more features from users kept coming, and ideas for large prints kept expanding.? Great contacts were made with designers and engineers from a wide variety of fields ? architects, mechanical engineers, yacht designers, sculptors, civil engineers, and many more.? Uses and applications for large format 3D printing from 3DP are well Unlimited.? Special thanks to all those who stopped by the booth. If you have experience with 3D printing and would like to be a part of the product development and provide feedback on design enhancements, be sure to enter the “3Days Free 0 with a 3DP Contest”.

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