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3D Platform at the ATX Midwest Show Recap

Last week, the 3D Platform (@3DPUnlimited) team attended the 2014 ATX Midwest Show in Schaumburg, Illinois. This two-day show is one of the most comprehensive automation and assembly events in the Midwest, and proved to be an excellent opportunity for connecting with businesses and customers in a variety of industries. 3D Platform showed off the industrial strength, large format 3D printer ? the 3DP1000, with a full collection of large 3D printed samples on display in the booth. ?The 3DP1000 3D printer especially impressed visitors with its large build area of 1m x 1m x 0.5m, price under $20,000 dollars, as well as print accuracy down to 70 microns. Twitter feed capture oct 15 ATX Show Twitter capture oct16 ATX Show The booth traffic was consistently??busy each day. Several visitors stopped by with follow up questions and comments, after seeing the large 3D printed samples and the 3DP1000 printing in action. This 40-second time-lapse video shows you the busy flow of visitors?at the 3D Platform’s booth in the ATX Midwest Show.   Senior Technical Editor of the Design News, Charles Murray stopped by and chatted with Melissa, Marketing and Communications Manager of 3D Platform. In this video, Melissa introduces you to the 3DP1000 in just 30 seconds.     3D Platform is coming to the 2015 International CES Show?Jan 6 -9 in Las Vegas, NV. Come and see the large format 3D printer 3DP1000 printing in action and the large 3D printed sample collection, at the Sands Expo, Hall A, Booth 71626.      

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