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Animal Planet’s Tanked features 3D Platform’s “Large Format 3D Printer”.

For 14 seasons, the reality TV series Tanked has followed the operations and creative genius of owners and brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde Kina. This Las Vegas based duo utilizes acrylic-based materials paired with unusual objects to create large-scale, one-of-a-kind aquariums. With their constant need to push the envelope, it’s no wonder they turned to 3D Platform to find out how a Large Format 3D Printer could help them achieve their project goals.

Start your engines!

In the latest episode of Tanked, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and his wife Ashley requested a fish tank that would reflect their wedding location at Eden Rock on the island of St. Barts. In order to achieve their island paradise, many of the miniature props inside the tank would have to be pieced together by hand. Shop Manager Robbie was looking to simplify some of this process by working with 3D Platform to 3D print one of the larger props ­– a boat. He started with a photo of a yacht that the wedding couple had snapped. Our 3DP tech scanned the photo, processed it through 3DP’s software, and then began printing the large format miniature replica of the boat.


Is it fish-safe?

This 3D print was made with PETG plastic, and is safe for the water and the fish.  Two separate colored filaments were used, gradually constructing the boat layer by layer. While 3DP’s large format printer may not match the speed of a NASCAR engine, it was still much quicker than building by hand. After a showcasing 3DP’s print performance, Wayde King, co-owner of Tanked, remarked, “It would take the guys in the shop three times as long to make this boat. Plus, I can make hundreds of identical boats if I want!”

3dp-on-tanked-filament-pet g

This is just another example of how 3D Platform’s large format 3D printers are expanding their utility — and helping to give these newly-weds another visual memory to cherish.


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