3D Print Tools on Shop Floor

3D Printing for the Shop Floor

How 3D Printed Tool Holders Help Organize The PBC Linear Shop Floor

We’ve all heard that time is money and there’s no better way to be time efficient than getting organized. We are on the PBC Linear shop floor where they are using 3D Platform’s large format printers to print tool holders to help them stay efficient and organized! Sarah discusses 3D-printed tool holders with Alex on the PBC Linear shop floor. How do you organize tools for everyday use in contrast to organizing for longer storage uses? We made and use the face mill holders for everyday use. Every tool maker in here has one of these holders. We have a lot of these cutters around and we do not want to be digging through them, so the ones that we use all the time we keep in a holder for easy access and identification. The holders we made for lead screw gauges have been laser etched with all of the numbers corresponding with those gauges. With the many gauges that we have, there is a need to be able to quickly find the exact size. Also, these gauges are being used throughout several different departments, so there is a complete set. Generally, we have four to five sets of each size, with some sets actually going to some customers outside the building as well.

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