3D Printings Impact on Product Development Cost

Hear straight from the engineer about the real world impact of a 3D printer on product development cost.In this short video, Joe Binka, Development Engineer for 3D Platform talks about the cost in time and dollars to develop brackets for the 3DP1000 large format 3D printer.? He was quickly able to print useable parts instead of waiting on traditional manufacturing methods saving days in production for a fraction of the cost.Full Transcript Below …

Narrator:? What about cost?

Joe:? There?s really no comparison on cost.? What we can do with a 3D printer is create our own bracketry where in a tool room environment, or a production environment, we just wouldn?t be able to compete cost wise.

Narrator:? I know you were telling me about a good example of that in this bracket right here.? When they were working on this design, to send this bracket out to the tool room, it would take two days of a tool room guy at $50 an hour to make this bracket.? Where now they designed it up in the CAD system, put it on the 3D printer, and in three hours they had a bracket here with about $3.00 worth of plastic in it.? And so the cost factor is a huge advantage for having a 3D printer.

Joe:? Absolutely ?

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