3D Printing Tech Tips – How to Print Using the LCD Interface

Step 1: Heating the Build Area
First, set the bed temperature. Heat the build area according to the material you are using. Melissa chooses 70 degrees, which is good for use with PLA.

Recommend Temp

Step 2: Prepare the Print Bed
Next, prepare the print bed. Melissa uses beer because she is printing with PLA. However, other substances can be used such as glue stick, hairspray or blue painters’ tape.

Step 3: Insert the SD Card
She has her files saved as a g-code on her SD-card, so then all she has to do is insert it in the side of the LCD screen.

Step 4: Preheat the Extruder(s)
First, prepare and preheat for PLA, because that is the material she is currently using. Scroll down and select ‘Preheat PLA ALL’ and that will preheat both the front extruder and back extruder. These preheating settings are already set in the LCD screen.

Step 5: Auto Home the Axis
So first ‘prepare’, and then ‘auto home’. This is going to make sure that the extruders are in the home position before starting a print. Go back up to the main screen and verify that both of the extruders are starting to heat up.

Step 6: Select a file to be printed from the ‘Print from SD’ Menu
Scroll down to ‘print from SD’ and select the file on the card that you want to print. Notice that on the LCD screen it says ‘heating’. The printing process will hold until the extruders have reached full temperature before the current begins. As always, watch closely as the first layer is being printed. Look for a smooth even-heated filament that adheres to the glass. This one looks good!

3D Platform walks viewers through the 6-step process of starting a print using the LCD screen

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