3D Printing Tech Tips: How to 3D Print 6 Times Faster

For a quick overview, watch the 30-second video of how to print 6 times faster. If you would like to learn more details about how to increase your print speed then keep reading below.

How fast can I print with the large format 3D printer, the 3DP1000? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the 3DP1000. Being a Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printer, there are mainly two factors that influence the print speed: the layer resolution and the nozzle speed. In order to increase the 3D printing speed, one can either adjust the layer resolution or increase the nozzle speed. In a previous blog , we have talked about how to adjust the layer resolution in the slice settings to speed up print times for large parts. In brief, the higher the layer resolution, the shorter the print time. For example, the 3DP1000 with a standard 0.4mm nozzle is capable of holding layer resolutions of down to 70 microns. To print the large brown gear (shown below) with 100 microns layer resolution, it would take approximately 30 hours; yet if the layer resolution is 300 microns, the same print would only take approximately 10 hours to print, saving 20 hours in print time.
To adjust the layer resolution, you need to change the slice settings in your 3D printing software. You can also adjust your nozzle diameter to achieve even faster printing speeds. Engineers at 3D Platform tested 3 sets of nozzles and their print times: the 0.4mm, 0.6mm, and 1.2mm nozzles. The result? Vastly decreased print times indeed — with the 1.2mm nozzle, you can print 6 times faster and the print is significantly stronger!
Comparing the single wall simple vase print times (Wall thickness is considered to be 1.2mm regardless of nozzle) 0.4mm nozzle = 5 hours 3 minutes 0.6mm nozzle = 2 hour 38 minutes 1.2mm nozzle = 47 minutes! To read the full engineering report, follow link here.
The standard 3DP1000 comes with the 0.4mm nozzle, but you have the option to add the 0.6mm, and even 1.2mm nozzle to achieve faster print time and stronger prints. The 1.2mm nozzle named Volcano came out in late 2014 just before Christmas, by the British hot end pioneers E3D. The 1.2mm nozzle named Volcano is made to extrude thicker layers at higher speeds and gives a large boost in inter-layer adhesion, which means that prints are considerably stronger in the Z axis direction.   3d-printed-chair But how much stronger, we wonder. Remember the red chair we’ve 3D printed? With a 20% infill, this beautiful chair took us 225 hours to print, and anyone below 250 lbs can find themselves comfortably sitting on it (check it out). Thus we’ve decided the best way to test out the 1.2mm nozzle is to print another chair, this time with only 2% infill. How long would this print take us, and how strong the 2% infill chair be?                      

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