3D Printing Open Market Advantages in Additive Manufacturing

The exhibition gave us the opportunity to showcase the latest developments in SurePrint Servo Technology, which improves print accuracy and print speed (read more here), enhancements in 3D print hardware and software, as well as open platform advantages. Join John Good of 3D Platform as he discusses the advantages of open market solutions. First, we have changed our name to 3D Platform. This new name reflects our open market advantages on material, advanced motion control, and financially open software. The value to customers is quick access to best in breed technologies and advancements. A good example comes from the material scientists from GE, BASF, etc. Simply put, these companies have thousands of people focused on science of materials–we don’t. Why not take advantage of their capabilities? Many people think of 3D printing materials is plastic only. Actually, we are showing consumers how they can combine printed and non-printed objects. Imagine adding fasteners, electronics, and even metal structures to provide strength. It really opens up possibilities for even bigger ideas. We have introduced a premium version of our machine called the workbench series, and it really exemplifies that interaction with the machine and the progression of all these different manufacturing technologies. What is most exciting is the classic prototyping that some of the fastest growing companies are are using to make jigs, fixtures, assembly aids and tools in manufacturing. Because the new price functionality, investments in the creative community for wearables, for art, for mass personalization, and prosthetics are growing at extremely rapid rates. One of the most exciting things we have announced is advancements in motion control. Many people use stepper motors to go ahead and do the movements on their machines. We are demonstrating Servo technology which gives customers the benefit of reduced cycle times by two, and by improving print quality with resolutions down to 1.25 microns. Faster extruders print six times faster than was achievable one year ago. This is exciting to print faster, and with higher quality!

Open market platforms increase innovation, decrease costs, and create strong global communities for design

3D Platform open platform3D printing continues to gain momentum in various industries, particularly in the manufacturing of consumer products, heavy goods, and medical technologies. As companies continue to adapt additive manufacturing into their main production processes, they must determine if an open-market model or a traditional IP model is right for them. IP laws provide a period of exclusivity for companies, but they also tend to hinder innovation and waste time. Open-market 3D printing has a variety of benefits, including:
3D Platform’s open platform advantage leverages open market advancements in materials, motion controls, and print hardware and software.

1. Increased & Continued Innovation

Open market allows engineers to work from what already exists from other engineers and designers. It provides a larger pool of ideas that can quickly be shared via the cloud without the legal concerns. Open-market platforms also open the floodgates of innovation by providing real-time 3D printed models that can be easily accessed and shared. Customers have full access to a variety of designs offering the capability to customize to fit their specific needs.

2. Global Engineering Teams

Global communities are also created with open market platforms. Engineers using open market get constant and consistent feedback at no costs. Challenges are solved more rapidly than would be possible within a closed model. Everyone has a chance to blossom with open market and newer technologies could go-to-market faster.

3. Inexpensive & Accessible Technology

The constant flow of information that open market provides leads to inexpensive technologies that become more accessible to the public. Open-market platforms also create the potential for rich and sustainable communities to thrive.

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