3D Printing Progression In The Next 5 Years

3D Platform President, Jonathan Schroeder, shares his top five predictions for the 3D printing industry in the next five years.

3D Platform President

Jonathan Schroeder, President, 3D Platform

3D Printing Industry “The Next 5 Years” is a series of thought leadership articles written by additive manufacturing experts and 3D printing industry leaders.

It focuses on the next five years of 3D printing, and provides a glimpse of what to expect in the years to come.

Jonathan Schroeder, 3D Platform President, shares his top five predictions for the 3D printing industry over the next five years:

Prediction #1: Materials

More materials will be developed and modified, including materials produced by Germany-based BASF. BASF introduced a stainless steel infused filament. Once you sinter it, you are left with a complete stainless steel part.

Prediction #2: Endless Possibilities

Additive Manufacturing (AM) continues to drive medical advances in surgery, orthotics, and rehabilitation, dramatically improving the quality of life,

Prediction #3: Challenges to Design for Additive Manufacturing

AM faces two major challenges over the next five years: 1. Design for AM, and 2. Lack of training or knowledge on how to 3D print.

Prediction #4: Educational Concerns

There is a lack of formal education currently available on the market to both current and future generations of engineers, as well as their supervisors. AM is still not understood as a manufacturing process.

Prediction #5:The Important Distinction of 3D Printing

To run additive manufacturing equipment takes skill and discipline that many companies still do not have available. Once they get an AM machine installed, employees need time to learn the software and how to use the machine.

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