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3D Printer’s Dilemma – Balancing Speed, Quality & Cost

This post will open your eyes to how you can potentially save your company time, money, and dramatically improve your additive throughput.


To optimize the trade-offs between cost, speed, and surface quality to maximize value for the business and innovate faster.


To provide options for producing parts more quickly through the combination of larger nozzles, higher layer heights and post processing.


To understand the potential to drastically reduce cost and increase throughput by right-sizing surface quality.

The Problem:

At the core of the ‘Printer’s Dilemma’ is the choice between Cost, Speed and Surface Finish. The adage allows users to choose up to TWO important attributes – and the part printed will not be the third. You must decide what’s most important for your business. Remember: Not every situation will have the same requirements – so be flexible…

How to Decide:

  1. Minimum feature size? (most technically important)
  2. Can you increase the feature size? “Design for Additive”
  3. How will the part be used? (equally important)
  4. Trade Show Quality vs. Ergonomics Study/Workholding Quality Can you print coarse and post-process?
  5. How soon do you need the part?
  6. (Is there any possible answer other than “Yesterday?”)
  7. Queue time?
  8. When does the machine need to be used next?
  9. Cost implications?
  10. IF machine is ‘billed’ to the user, this can be very important

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